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Heart of glass

When you’re looking for a new kitchen, you’ll find a wide range of finishes. You may consider looking at glass kitchens. There’s no question that glass kitchens are one of the highest-quality finishes you can get for a modern kitchen. You only have to feel the surface to appreciate the quality of a glass kitchen. Glass is the smoothest finish and most reflective material available!

How durable is it?

The glass is resistant to the pressure typically exerted on the face of the door, which is where the vast majority of the knocks come from. Customers even with small children enjoy the sleek benefits of glass, without mishap. If you do find you need a replacement, our customer care pack ensures your colour will be saved and can be reselected for years to come. So enjoy your glass kitchen with piece of mind.

Very Versatile

Gloss glass kitchen doors are an excellent choice for small kitchens. Their glossy surface excels in reflecting light from both natural and artificial light sources back across the room, creating a feeling of space and openness. Satin glass is popular choice with architects and interior designers for use in flagship projects, Satin glass finishes can equally be used to add a touch of exclusivity to any kitchen design. This might be a feature wall cabinet or an exquisite kitchen island. Silky smooth to the touch, and with striking colour tones to choose from, the matt glass kitchen finish is sure to make a luxurious statement within the home.

Ever Exclusive!

Glass kitchens remain the must have for interior designers and architects alike looking to achieve luxurious matte and gloss finishes. Only a select showrooms around the world stock this exclusive product. We are pleased to inform you that Inspire By Design are now exclusive stockiest of Gacci , with our world renowned products being displayed from September. So if your preference is for a gloss or matte kitchen finish, we have you covered.